What energies will I encounter tomorrow?

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Issues surrounding a transaction (Ring) whether social or business will be my priority tomorrow. The commitment (Bride) that i seek will not come without strong words (Whip) being projected out and promptly ignored by the other parties involved. There is good news. A hidden burning and sizzling (Flame) undercurrent is moving througt my issues destroying the negative and multiplying and enhancing all the positives that this transaction will bring. I need to trust this silent ebb and flow.


Gong Hee Fot Choy: Sunday 30 July 2017 to Saturday 5 August 2017

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thumbnail_IMG_4583First Row:

 House of Compass: Ace of Clubs

Gift: Someone is thinking of giving you a present. They are planning and wondering what you would like. Hold a thought for something you want. They will pick up your thought.

House of Wishes: Jack of Diamonds

Letters: Your wish pertains to or will be influenced by a letter or some other hasty news.  The letter will not bring the wish to take place.

House of Success: Eight of Clubs

Achievement: If you are working towards some achievement it will turn out to be successful. You are on the right road or soon will be. Good business or work indicated.

House of Moon: Nine of Diamonds

Surprises: If you are single you will be surprised as a certain party you least expect will declare his love for you or someone, a source you little expect will defend your character when you do not know it. A happy surprise for you

House of Surprise: Queen of Spades

Gratitude: You will be surprised at an ungrateful person you have helped. You will meet with ingratitude.

House of Popularity: Ace of Spades

Death: You will hear of the death of a famous person or how they lost their popularity with the public or if you are popular you may lose your drawing power or good name or through a change in business or position new popularity comes to you or the ending of a disagreeable situation.

House of Abode: Jack of Clubs

Relatives: Relatives will live with you or you will live with them or very close friends or relatives influence your home conditions.

House of Journey: Ace of Diamonds

New undertakings: You may change the work you are doing or you are going into a new venture of some kind that should be successful or you will change location or job or business.

Second Row:

 House of Papers: Eight of Spades

Trouble: You will have trouble over a class paper if attending school. You may fail in an examination oe you will have trouble over signing a paper or you misplace valuable paper.

House of Vocation: Queen of Hearts

Friends: You will make many friends where you work or a friend will give you work if unemployed or through an agency you will secure a good position.

House of Marriage: Nine of Clubs

Luck: Your marriage will prove lucky and your mate will supply you with many worldly goods or if single you will be married soon.

House of Happiness: Seven of Clubs

Messages: You will receive many kinds of invitations that make you happy or a message from someone who pleases you.

House of Enjoyment: Seven of Hearts

Happiness: Many nice invitations will come to you within the month that you should enjoy immensely. Some new clothing is enjoyed by you.

House of Messages: Seven of Spades

Health: You will hear of the illness of someone you thought in good health or you hear something that makes you blue and sick at heart or a message inquiring about your health

House of Relatives: Eight of Hearts

Moon love: Some or one of your relatives loves you very much and you are their favourite.as a whole friends and relatives love you.

House of Health: King of Diamonds

Legal papers:  If you have a sedentary job be sure you excerise also indicates a bilious condition. You may visit a dentist or doctor.

 Third Row:

 House of Money: Ten of Clubs

Journey: Money comes to you from a distance or through a trip or change of work you will make more money, a change for the better. This could be the sale of land or a car.

House of Seasons: Eight of Diamonds

Inheritance: An inheritance will come to you from an elderly person or if you have an inheritance coming. It will be several seasons before you receive your share. Money will be paid to you.

 House of Friends: Nine of Spades

Disappointment: You will lose a friend or a loss through an investment a friend recommended also borrowers don’t remain friend’s very long or angry words with someone.

House of Gifts: Queen of Diamonds

Seasons: Something you desire very much will be given you this season or a present from an elderly person. A lasting gift will be received.

House of Letters: Ten of Spades

Sun: You will receive a letter that will bring sunshine into your life or if you have made an investment it will bring returns enabling you to take a nice trip or vacation or a better income through investment.

House of Trouble: King of Hearts

Enjoyment: Some trouble or worry will come your way but you will be helped by a kindly person who has your welfare at heart.

House of Disappointment: Ten of Hearts

Marriage or union: You will be disappointed in the outcome of some wedding or you will lose someone very dear to you through their marriage and moving away. If, in business a disappointment in regards to some progress that should have taken place but did not, or a delayed business conference.

House of Death: King of Clubs

Vocation: The death of someone may change your present occupation, a change of work is indicated or the severance of an unpleasant working condition.

 Fourth Row:

House of Undertaking: Seven of Diamonds

Success: A new venture will be offered such as shares or commission. If attending school part time work will be offered you. Success is in store for you.

House of Achievement: Ten of Diamonds

Money: Your achievements will be many and will bring money.

House of Inheritance: Nine of Hearts

Your wish: Your wish picks up with an inheritance or by help from someone.

House of Callers: Queen of Clubs

Inquirer: You can expect callers soon. Prepare for them as they will expect to be entertained.

House of Gratitude: Jack of Spades

Compass-thought: You have trusted someone you never should have or a bill collector calls and is very rude over unjust bills.

House of Inquirer: Ace of Hearts

The abode: In the House of Inquirer indicates that you have a good home or will build a home to your liking or a home condition has a great influence in your life.

House of Luck: Jack of Hearts

Popularity: You are lucky in being well thought of. Cultivate this.

House of Sun: King of Spades

Callers: This Sun Houses is for any man in uniform and public service. It indicates constant change like the sun. One location one day and on the high seas another:  You seem to change like the sun.


Bulgarian Spread on a question of love

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IMG_4487 (1)

Mary came asking if there was a man coming into her life soon.

 Past: King of Hearts + Nine of Diamonds + Nine of Hearts + Ace of Hearts + Ace of Clubs Reversed

It is seen that Mary still reminisces over a man in her past that brought her an emotional sense of wealth and luck in her life. It wasn’t always that way. The relationship is indicated to have started off casually before building into the major love of her life and then for whatever reason disintegrating leaving her feeling alone and isolated.

Recent Past: King of Diamonds + Ace of Spades

A man recently has imparted some exciting information that has given Mary promise that her desires will shortly be realized.

.Recent Future: King of Spades + Ten of Hearts

The indication is that a relationship will develop with a man soon but it is doomed to fail before any real emotions for each other takes hold.

 Future: Jack of Hearts + Ten of Spades + Ten of Clubs + Nine of Spades + Queen of Spades

A young man with a caring heart will come into Mary’s life but with it comes emotional and possibly mental childishness in his approach to a serious relationship. There is an indication that a sense of hopelessness is coming that will result in long term sadness and self-pity. A female friend is the culprit in allowing Mary to dwell in these feelings rather than trying to lift her out of the darkness.

Additional Cards:

10 of Spades + King of Clubs

A lack of love and acceptance from a goal orientated father could indicate to be the reason why this young man has conflict and trouble within him.

 Nine of Spades + Ten of Diamonds

The lack of belief or hope in Mary that she cannot have a loving partner appears to be a journey that she has traveled with for a long while.

 Queen of Spades + Queen of Hearts

A feud has broken out between two of Mary’s female friends. One is in a loving relationship and the other not. This animosity creates the scene that if she can’t be happy then Mary can’t be as well.

Upon the Heart: Nine of Clubs + Jack of Clubs + Ace of Diamonds

An excited apprehension brews on Marys emotional heart that finding a man similar to the one of her past is a very real possibility and with it comes physical, material, emotional and spiritual wealth beyond measure.

Fate: Jack of Diamonds + Jack of Spades + Queen of Diamonds

The fate cards suggest that two men will come into Mary’s love life.  They share many of the same negative characteristics and both will up and leave in time. One of these men is possibly unfaithful with a female from his past that still intervenes or controls in his life.

Learning the Nine Card Box Spread

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I am still trying to understand how to correctly read a Nine Card Box Spread. Today I watched a number of You Tube videos and still feel none the wiser.

This is what I gathered in how to read the spread. The question asked was to revel what my coming week maybe like. The meanings I am using are from the Bulgarian system. It is something that has captured my imagination for the time being.

Past Across: Queen of Clubs + Nine of Diamonds + Ten of Spades

A trusted female friend has shared her good fortune in order to help but it backfired into serious trouble.

Past Down: Queen of Clubs + Ace of Spades + Nine of Clubs

A loyal and close female friend has some wonderful good news that will put a tear of joy to my eye.

Current Across: Ace of Spades + King of Diamonds + Queen of Hearts

A piece of good news has reached a caring male friend. It will assist him his is ongoing dispute with an over caring female.

Current Down: Nine of Diamonds + King of Diamonds + Jack of Hearts

A small amount of money will trickle down to an overbearing father and his emotional son. It may simple not be enough.

 Future Across: Nine of Clubs + Jack of Hearts + Ace of Diamonds Reversed

Minor irritation is being felt by an emotion sensitive male over the lack of financial funds to do what he wants.

Future Down: Ten of Spades + Queen of Hearts + Ace of Diamonds Reversed

Negative consequences will affect a good caring female friend as she won’t have the money to pay her debts.

Inner Cross: Nine of Diamonds + Ace of Spades + King of Diamonds + Queen of Hearts + Jack of Hearts

A small financial win has arrived bringing with it a good measure of happiness to a couple that are at war with each other over a younger male that is caught between the two.

 Corners: Queen of Clubs + Ten of Spades/Nine of Clubs + Ace of Diamonds Reversed

A trusted female friend is experience serious hardship

Slight concern over the lack of having money

Diagonals: Queen of Clubs + King of Diamonds + Ace of Diamonds Reversed

A trusted female friend and her loving partner will get rattled very quickly when they find that they have no money.

Ten of Spades + King of Diamonds + Nine of Clubs

Serious troubles will cause a kind hearted man to react aggressively and possibly shed a tear or two in the process.




The Bulgarian Spread as taught by Dmitry Korolev in his You Tube video

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IMG_4471 (1)

For the last two years I see the same man on the train going to work. We have never spoken. In recent days his presence has been missed.  I asked the cards to elaborate.
Past: QD + AH Rx + AC + KH + AD Rx
In the past this man may have had a romantic relationship with a lady that loved to socialize. Her love of spending without constraint may have led to them falling apart. His search for a committed relationship has seen him seeking advice from an older man who has experienced the same type of financial loss from being in love with a spend thrift.
Recent past: KS + QH
The advice of an authoritarian and ruthless male and a kind hearted caring female appears to be very instrumental to this man in his decision making. it could be that this man still lives with his parents.
Near future: 10C + AS Rx
If a friendship developed with this man it is indicated to be emotional draining and disappointing at first but once I got to know him and his situation better these feelings would die away.
Future: KD + JC + JS + 10D + 9H
Three men appear to influence this man’s life. All three are at log a heads with each other.  The first could be his father. He is an older man although helpful if asked to do something for you could turn aggressive quite quickly if he then decided he didn’t want to do it after all.  The other two younger men are at polar extremes. The first is kind and compassionate while the second is rude and obnoxious.  It appears that the obnoxious man is teaching the man on the train into taking a journey to be more like him. His method of operation is to play emotional and mental games without fear of the ramifications they might bring along down the track.
Fate: 9C + 10S + 9S
Any long term friendship with this man does not have a very positive result. Life would appear to be a constant endless state of mental hardship and sadness that would not stop in dealing with this man’s love of drama.
Upon the heart: 9D + QC + QS
This man has a lucky winning streak about him and that could explain why people are attracted to him. There are two women that are very dear to his heart but like the men are not very social with each other. The first woman is a true and loyal friend while the other women likes nothing better to scheme and create problems.
Additional cards of information:
9C + 10H
One of the reasons why this man appears to carry sadness with him is that he is unable to sustain a relationship for whatever reason.
10S + JD
One of the reasons why this man lives in complete negativity of others is that he has been a victim of another man emotional and mental abuse.
9S + JH
The hurt and sadness he carries with him comes from a loss of a friend that appeared to have a rose coloured view of the world but got damaged in the process.
As a foot note this reading may not make a lot of sense as yet. I am still endeavoring to work with the specific meanings of these cards.  


Five Card Spread using the Magyar Kartya

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Traditionally I was taught to read the cards from left to right. The past is the left hand side and the future is on the right hand side. In the last few months I have been working with the direction the significator card (King of Hearts) is facing to determine past and future.

What can I learn about tomorrow?

Nine of Bells Reversed + Osz Reversed + King of Hearts + 10 of Bells + Eight of Leaves

There is a general feeling of annoyance and frustration sweeping over me tomorrow that is stemming from the feeling of restriction in expressing my outgoing nature. In a lot of ways this restriction is important in the large scheme of things as it forces me to concentrate on what I want to achieve and how I will achieve it. What is good is that it will open me up to connecting with people in foreign countries that I am planning to visit this calendar year.

The Influence Spread using the Magyar Kartya

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The King of Hearts was preselected to represent myself.

imageCurrent Influences
Seven of Leaves + Knight of Leaves
The feeling of apathy is the predominate emotion sweeping through me. This lack of interest stems from my perception that others have the belief that I hold the answers to their questions.

Mental Influences
Knight of Acorns + Seven of Bells
The prevailing thought is in breaking free from having to assist troublesome people and their problems rather than concentrating on creating a bright and happy future for my-self.

Past Influences
Osz + Nine of Acorns
In my past, I have felt emotionally and spiritually ill in trying to rectify bad situations that I have consciously and unconsciously got myself into. These situations have produced nothing but loss and unhappiness.

Grounded Influences
Nine of Bells + Seven of Acorns
The ability to save money and work towards making money in meeting my goals has been a blessing in my life. And yet at the same time my softness of character has been a major curse by releasing my wealth to assist the financial needs of other peoples when they are in lack.

Future Influences
King of Bells + Eight of Bells
The future does look bright in the coming of an influential man in my life. His ruthlessness and ambition will bring a new richness into my life in being able to create a positive and uplifting abundant change in my financial, emotional and spiritual life.

Magyar Kartya

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It has been a while since I have posted using this unique deck. I have decided to work with 4 different published authors meanings of these cards to figure out which meanings resonate with me and which meanings have the potential of coming into reality.


Where have I been? – Nine of Bells Reversed + Jack of Acorns

1: There has been a feeling of apathy running through my veins because of the attitude of a smart assed youthful know it all.

2: The last three months has been hard in having to deal with an increase of troubles and difficulties in my personal and business relationships.

3: The past has had its fair share of things going missing out of my life or so I think as I am unable to find them when I need them

4: The joy of receiving financial and verbal acknowledgement for the work that I have completed has been undermined by a deceitful and nasty person/

Where am I now? – Jack of Hearts Reversed + Nine of Acorns

1: Currently I am feeling unloved and even worst unwanted in my social and business life as I grapple to learn and adjust to new ways of doing things.

2: I am aware that someone is currently is praying and thinking about me as I witness miracles unfolding around me.

3: My thinking is currently all over the place as I try and deal with unwanted feelings of jealousy and ill will to those that want to help.

4: Someone within my close social circle has currently created damage to someone else’s property causing all sorts of problems

Where is all this leading me? – Eight of Bells + Nine of Hearts Reversed

1: An amazing gift and blessing is coming into my life that will make me feel complete and whole.

2: The feeling of nausea and sickness will sweep through me as I approach the coming of having my wish answered.

3: A fresh new change will be coming into my life as I start the preparation on cleaning out all the clutter in my home and the people who live in it

4: The future outlook appears to be in my complete control as I begin to correct the plans that have not produced the results I wanted.

Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards

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Here is a series on how to learn to read the Short Reading Spread found in the Gypsy Witch pack. Today I will start on what is called “reading in the round”. It begins with the central character (Man) on then goes anticlockwise by interpreting each card in relation to him.

Reading in the Round: Near

Man + Shepherd
Today I will be mesmerized about the beauty and wonder of life that surrounds me today.
Man + Birds
Today I will experience strong feelings of mental negativity that has the possibly erupt in physical aggression.
Man + Clouds (White Side)
Today I will be filled with joyful and happy experiences at home and with my all in my household.
Man + Dog
Today I will make time to developing and maintain new and existing friendships
Man + Letter
Today good news will arrive that will contain within it an unexpected blessing.
Man + Railroad
Today any form of travel or direction in which I want to head in will appear long and arduous.
Man + Pig
Today all my ambitions and desires will turn into a living reality.
Man + Tree
Today, I will experience vibrant good health.

Reading in the Round: Far

Man + Cat
Tomorrow I will be succumbed to unrealistic gratification.
Man + Key
Tomorrow, I will find success in opening new doors.
Man + Ring
Tomorrow, I will find disappoint with those that I love
Man + Tower
Tomorrow I will find my strength crumbling as an ill feeling sweeps over me.
Man + Fox
Tomorrow I will encounter deceit, lies and trickery in someone I hold dear.
Man + Bouquet
Tomorrow, my arrangements throughout the day will flow effortlessly
Man + Mouse
Tomorrow what I find missing will not be replaced.
Man + Broken Glass
Tomorrow will be difficult in shaking off the ill will directed at me.

Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards

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What does my coming week look like?


Falseness + Letter + Widow

An unsettling energy of ignorance in though, word or deed will sweep through my week birthing the coming seven days of depression.

Ecclesiastic + Lover + Fortune

A strong elder protector force will bring wisdom and guidance to the alpha male mentality sweeping throughout my week bringing in an abundant atmosphere of peace and calm.

Merriment + Unexpected Joy + Journey

A sociable fun loving week is indicated that brings in unexpected happiness and pleasure. I am reminded not rest in this new joy as it is extremely fleeting.

Marriage + Officer + Enemy

This week is about connecting with others in a friendly and transparent manner. Extending a hand of friendship in a regimented and authoritarian stance will only create blatant backstabbing.