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1 April 2016: Daily Draw


1: Loss + Some Money + Merriment
Take a gamble today in all that you do. It may not pay big dividends but at least it will be a day of fun and celebration.

2: Fox + Star + Bride
Watch you back. Not everyone has pure intentions at their heart. Caution now will insurer that trouble stays away today.

3: Eight of Spades + Queen of Diamonds + Ten of Hearts
News will open up the pathway for a much need change. A woman will be involved to provide financial assistance that will brighten and uplift the home.

Gong Hee Fot Choy – 27/03/16 to 2/04/16

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House of Compass: Ten of Spades
Sun: the vibration of sunshine and smiles are around you. Tune into this as it is good for you. There is always sunshine after rain

House of Wishes: Queen of Spades
Gratitude: your wish will be influenced by gratitude or a grateful person. There is a good chance of this wish coming true. This card also represents an unscrupulous woman, a schemer

House of Success: Ace of Clubs
Gift: a gift of some kind has something to do with your future success or you will be successful in obtaining a gift you want to give someone or an offer made to your benefit.

House of Moon: King of Diamonds
Legal Papers: some legal procedure in court will benefit you socially or help a friend in court. A professional in any capacity indicates you will do something to help humanity and benefit yourself or a wedding licence will be signed

House of Surprises: King of Spades
Callers: you have a surprise from a caller, maybe a policeman or fireman selling tickets to a ball or a tax collector, or collector of some kind or ex-sweetheart calls. Something you resent

House of Popularity: Ace of Hearts
Abode: indicates that if you are a homemaker, you will be popular among your friends or your present or future home will be a popular place or you will have many offers to sell property

House of Abode: Ten of Diamonds
Money: sometime in your life you will own your own home and it will be well furnished or money will come through some endeavour in the home or you sell property for a substantial sum

House of Journey: Jack of Diamonds
Letters: an important paper or hasty news about a change is coming soon from a long distance.

House of Papers: Ten of Hearts
Marriage/Union: you will sign a wedding certificate yours or friends or you will sign as a witness to something, a business contract or the amalgamation of firms

House of Vocation: Nine of Hearts
Your Wish: if you have wished for work you will soon be employed or get something better in your line of endeavours. You should get your wish.

House of Marriage: Nine of Diamonds
Surprises: you will be surprised about an old persons wedding or when you hear of the marriage of someone whom you thought never would wed or some proposal will surprise you.

House of Happiness: Jack of Clubs
Relatives: relatives influence your happiness if they interfere, like a mother in law or some sort of interfering person gets away from their influence

House of Enjoyment: King of Clubs
Vocation: you enjoy whatever you do also you will be required to help with some sort of entertainment. This includes anything from being a member of a banquet committee to actually playing a part in the entertainment

House of Messages: Nine of Clubs
Luck: a message or tip from someone on a race or chance in gambling will prove lucky to you, a lucky message of some kind

House of Relatives: Eight of Diamonds
Inheritance: you may inherit stocks, bonds or furniture from a relative at a later date you are their favourite or small sums of money given

House of Health: Nine of Spades
Disappointment: you have been sick or had a loss through someone’s illness also indicates an upset mental condition caused by work you dislike or the people around you. Cheer up, this will change

House of Money: Seven of Diamonds
Success: money matters will bring you success in the future. Concentrate on an opportunity that is present in the work. Success there for you

House of Season: Ace of Spades
Death: you will lose a dear friend by death before this season has passed or a change of condition comes into your life in the next three months by ridding yourself of an annoying condition. Lucky day Monday

House of Friends: Eight of Spades
Trouble: trouble is caused by friends. Be careful. Select good company or you will help a friend in need or friends will talk their troubles over with you.

House of Gifts: Queen of Diamonds
Seasons: something you desire very much will be given you this season or a present from an elderly person; a lasting gift will be received.

House of Letters: Jack of Hearts
Popularity: you will write something that makes you become popular or you receive a letter because you are popular, desiring your services.

House of Trouble: Ace of Diamonds
New Undertaking: worry and trouble will come if you start a new undertaking at present or you will worry with fear, do not be fearful of tomorrow

House of Disappointment: Queen of Hearts
Friends: you are disappointed in a friend or you will lose a friend. The loss is here

House of Death: Seven of Spades
Health: someone’s health or your own will improve with the death of someone or you are blue and sick and wish death would relieve this condition, or you need diversion, go places, see people

House of Undertaking: Eight of Clubs
Achievement: you will achieve much in your business if you start a new undertaking along the same line. A better job or a new business

House of Achievement: Ten of Clubs
Journey: you will be successful in business also you may achieve success in publicity writing, something that goes into circulation.

House of Inheritance: King of Hearts
Enjoyment: you will inherit valuable things from a relative or very close friend who has your welfare at heart or a gift from a kindly person.

House of Callers: Eight of Hearts
Moon/Love: someone will call on you who thinks a lot of you and whom you love, a love call

House of Gratitude: Seven of Clubs
Message: you will receive a message expressing gratitude or you will receive a message you are grateful for.

House of Inquirer: Seven of Hearts
Happiness: your future should be full of happiness either through achieving something or through a talent of your own. Happiness is in store for you.

House of Luck: Jack of Spades
Compass/Thoughts: there is someone who will envy some good luck you will have. Remember good luck seems to follow only those who deserve it.

House of Sun: Queen of Clubs
Inquirer: sunshine and happiness for you after the rain. We must all have rain in our lives to balance the scales. Good times ahead.

Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards

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What can I learn about myself over this Easter holiday period?

House + Cat + Wine
This Easter period will bring a flourish of new ideas and connections with liked minded people that are willing to grow and prosper. Allow the interactions to be balanced and realistic so as my expectations won’t be shaded in false promises. A bright, happy and cheerful attitude will result at the conclusion of this holiday period.

Bird + Man + Roads
Currently obstacles, expectations and attitudes from other people are wearing me down while I try to relax and take things easy during Easter. I am reminded that I need to be vigilant in my words, deed, thoughts and actions in dealing with outside influences so as to avoid misunderstanding, hardship and disappointment later on down the track.

Heart + Bear + Rose
Old worn out ideas, associations and objects from the past that brought great pleasure and joy will leave me by the end of Easter. The success that I have taken for granted in the past is making way for new experiences and opportunities to emerge. These may not share the same beauty or durability of what I once had.

Past: House + Bird + Heart
Commitments and obligations that brought a feeling of unity and success have fallen into misery, suffering and unhappiness. This may have resulted by relying and trusting on others to supply me with resources that supported my past successes and happiness.

Present: Cat + Man + Bear
Currently there is a need to do a lot of sweet talk to those that supported me in the past without being overbearing about it. Having a confident and willing attitude to take a risk in speaking the truth about my needs I can turn the hardships around into something pleasurable.

Future: Wine + Roads + Rose
By the end of the four day Easter period I will be well rested and optimistic to take on the challengers that have lingered around me for some time. Although there may be opposition and resistance in the beginning it will make way for a beautiful, strong and vibrant attitude in my future dealings with others.

Cat + Birds + Man + Roads + Bear
I am cautioned that excessive praise and charm will only create a high level of distrust and insecurity not only to my-self but to others as well in trying to obtain what I want. In being truthful I can avoid unnecessary trouble and unhappiness and achieve a far better result than previously thought possible.

A Love Reading using the Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards

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reading b

What advice do I need to know in finding love in 2016?

The Awen Spread

Ideas: Mountain + Key + Hand in Hand
Stop your self-judgement chatter and instead focus on developing giving your-self more love and compassion in order to achieve finding love in 2016.

Emotions: Letter + Dog + Sun
Allow your heart to be open to expanding and embracing the differences in potential suitors by not limiting your love options by what you see around you.

Manifestations: Lilies + Broken Glass + Shepherd
Learning from the success and failures from past relationships provide the endurance and strength to find the love you are looking for in 2016.

Past: Mountain + Letter + Lilies
The blocks and limitations you have placed on yourself in the past have been removed. You are free to pursue your dreams.

Current: Key + Dog + Broken Glass

Make the time now to step out from your comfort zone. Use your creativity in stretching your resources in meeting and interacting with new people.

Future: Hand in Hand + Sun + Shepherd
Success is assured. Kindness to yourself will see your eyes shining brightly as true testimony of attracting the perfect and loving partner in 2016

A Love Reading using the Mystical Kipper Cards

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<reading a

Here is my attempt at working with Houses in a Grand Tableau spread.

The question I asked was “What can I do to be in a romantic relationship by June 2016?”

Past: House of (6) Good Lady: (16) His Thoughts + House of (14) Sad News: (23) Court + House of (22) Military Person: (26) Luck

The past approach of channelling the feminine wisdom within me in seeking knowledge and ideas about attracting a romantic relationship has not worked. It has taken the harshness of disappointment and disillusionment in reaching this discovery and decision that another approach is needed. By taking full responsibility for my past actions I am in a better position to move forwards into oncoming opportunity and long term happiness.

Present: House of (7) Pleasant News: (28) Expectation + House of (15) Good outcome in love: (1) Main Person + House of (23) Court: (12) Rich Girl

My current situation is alive and abundant with vibrant signs and symbols. Witnessing this provides me with the information that the wishing and hoping of a romantic relationship is going to be over soon. I need to maintain the feeling and experience of being in love and how that will express it’s self once I am in a relationship. The decision to relax and step out to meet and discover new people will bring a sense of creative fun and energy.

Future: House of (8) False Person: (7) Pleasant News + House of (16) His Thoughts: (8) False Person + House of (24) Thievery: (33) Murky Thoughts

The future outlook of being in a romantic relationship by June 2016 will be marred by the energy of dishonesty and deception by the people that I meet. It could be that the signs and symbols that I have interpreted as positive and uplifting information are in fact incorrect. An attempt will be made in trying to rectify and adjust my thinking and work with compromise instead only to be deceived yet again. I am reminded that I need to quickly pick myself up and move on so as I don’t get caught up in loss of hope and personal insecurity that I am not worthy of experiencing love and happiness.

Your Destiny in 36 Cards – 7/02/16 to 13/02/16

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Line One:
10 of Spades + Queen of Spades + 10 of Hearts + Jack of Hearts + Ace of Clubs + 7 of Clubs

A Spade in Position 1 (Question Asked/Project in Mind) indicates that the trust you have placed in others will be used improperly. The Ten of Spades means the coming of sorrow
A Spade in Position 2 (Realization of Wishes) means that there is very little chance you will be successful in your project because of the deceit of others. The Queen of Spades in this position shows an unsociable and jealous woman.
A Heart in Position 3 (Possibilities of Success) means total success in my project. The Ten of Hearts signifies good luck and contentment and tends to alleviate adverse indications.
A Heart in Position 4 (Fulfilment of Hopes) means that my hopes will be realized. The Jack of Hearts represents a happy-go-lucky young man who has a pleasant, cheerful disposition but one who does not possess deep emotions or loft ambitions.
A Club in Position 5 (Risks regarding Projects) indicates that time and effort I devote to the project are worth my while. Anyone connected with it will be congenial and dependable. The Ace of Clubs indicates that my life and affairs are well organised. My hopes and wishes are realistic; through energy and perseverance I will be able to see them come true. This card assures me of loyal and helpful friends throughout my lifetime. Many benefits are bound to come my way.
A Club in Position 6 (Hearts Desires) means that I will realize partial gratification after some delay. The Seven of Clubs mean that a young girl will have great devotion; her interest in a person is so tremendous that she will make every sacrifice in his or her behalf.

Line Two
Queen of Diamonds + Queen of Clubs + 8 of Spades + 10 of Diamonds + 9 of Hearts + Jack of Spades

A Diamond in Position 7 (Unfairness) means that the injustice against me will not be completely eradicated however the good reputation I enjoy will be restored. The Queen of Diamonds is a woman that likes to have a good time. She brings good luck
A Club in Position 8 (Ungratefulness) means that with the support of trustworthy friends I can conquer the bad effects of the ingratitude of others. The Queen of Clubs represents a congenial woman who is of utmost value to you. She can be a close relative, a business associate, a good friend or a mere acquaintance
A Spade in Position 9 (Important Business Associates) can be certain that current business relationships will not be profitable to you but they may to others. The Eight of Spades means opposition.
A Diamond in Position 10 (Losses) means that I will suffer financial reverses and lose personal possessions and property. The Ten of Diamond means travelling
A Heart in Position 11 (Troubles) means that I will suffer in emotional matters. The Nine of Hearts means that whatever is wished in connection with the position on which it lands will be fulfilled. I can expect that someone who has made me a promise will carry through with it in the very near future.
A Spade in Position 12 (Condition of Life) means that I will not find that my status will improve with time as a matter of fact it will get worse no matter what I do to prevent this condition. The Jack of Spades means a man who is crude in every way. This adverse trait can only be modified if excellent cards are found around it in the spread.

Line Three
King of Hearts + 9 of Clubs + 8 of Diamonds + Jack of Clubs + Ace of Spades + Ace of Hearts

A Heart in Position 13 (Happiness) will experience joy and delight from spiritual sources. The King of Hearts means a very good, gentle and trustworthy man
A Club in Position 14 (Love) means that I can count on the complete loyalty of loved ones and friends. The Nine of Clubs means that I will receive a inexpensive gift.
A Diamond in Position 15 (Prosperity) means that I must realize that others envy will threaten my economic well-being. The Eight of Diamonds signifies a satisfactory business trip.
A Club in Position 16 (Marriage) if eligible enter into a marriage for practical and monetary reasons. The union will be a suitable one. The Jack of Clubs is a genuine and enduring friendship with a male.
A Spade in Position 17 (Suffering) must be prepared for afflictions which will be brought about by others deceitfulness and dishonesty. The Ace of Spades indicates misfortune. It can carry a good omen in that arduous efforts and steady application will result in a contented married life, success in business or profession and accumulation of possessions
A Heart in Position 18 (Enjoyment) can look forwards to happiness in a close relationship with another. Your efforts will be appreciated. Problems will be solved and will not destroy the association. The Ace of Hearts means my home.

Line Four
8 of Clubs + 9 of Diamonds + 2 of Spades + Ace of Diamonds + 2 of Clubs + King of Spades

A Club in Position 19 (Inheritances and Lawsuits) bequeath will be received from a friend in the form of money or property. The Eight of Clubs signifies a friendship of the highest order
A Diamond in Position 20 (Trickery) will go through agony to overcome the effects of deceit or trickery but you will win in the end. The Nine of Diamonds brings bad news
A Spade in Position 21 (Competitors) can expect your rivals to be victorious over you. They will do everything possible to dishonour you with the people in your intimate circle. Two of Spades denotes a change in the base of operation or location of the home.
A Diamond in Position 22 (Gift) be on guard against the possibility that someone will try to bribe you with a gift. You will not want the gift if you accept it chances are you will not appreciate it. Ace of Diamonds signifies the receipt of a letter concerning money or a proposal of some kind. The letter will be of a business nature or be accompanied by money
A Club in Position 23 (Lovers) can expect your loved one or friend to be loyal but he or she will be lacking in other respects. The Two of Clubs stands for a trustworthy friend
A Spade in Position 24 (Fame or Notoriety) you will have so many obstacles in your way that you cannot hope to become famous. Your foes will do everything possible to destroy your standing in the world. The King of Spades indicates you must be aware of the fact that you have a rival.

Line Five
7 of Hearts + 10 of Clubs + 2 of Hearts + 9 of Spades + King of Clubs + 2 of Diamonds

A Heart in Position 25 (Assistance or A Good Turn) may be assured of unlimited aid or friends will do something unexpected in your behalf. Seven of Hearts indicates whether or not favours requested in connection with the cards which surround it will be granted.
A Club in Position 26 (Enterprise or Undertaking) will enjoy financial success as a result of friendly advice and assistance. The Ten of Clubs is an omen of good luck.
A Heart in Position 27 (Changes) you can rest assured that the change you have in mind is an excellent one. The Two of Hearts indicates a prosperous state or condition
A Spade in Position 28 (Death) will be faced with the untimely death of one of your foes. The Nine of Spades signifies discord or money losses in connection with the position on which it is found
A Club in Position 29 (Rewards and Appreciation) indicates a suitable reward but you must earn it through industriousness and perseverance. The King of Clubs is a man whose comradeship is of utmost value to you.
A Diamond in Position 30 (Misfortune and Dishonour) will find that envy causes unpleasant notoriety and affects you in a roundabout way. This card is the harbinger of news which is coloured by the position on which it falls in the spread.

Line Six
Queen of Hearts + Jack of Diamonds + 8 of Hearts + 7 of Spades + King of Diamonds + 7 of Diamonds

A Heart in Position 31 (Luck) can count on unexpected good luck. The Queen of Hearts represents a woman who is kind hearted, magnanimous and dependable.
A Diamond in Position 32 (Money) will tend to place your confidence in worthless friends and this in turn will bring losses. The Jack of Diamond has no special significance.
A Heart in Position 33 (Indifference) can expect that this attitude on your part will give you a calm but cheerless, existence or a loved one’s disinterest could affect your life in some way. The Eight of Hearts means an invitation
A Spade in Position 34 (Favours) means I will not receive the favour asked no matter how much effort I put forth to get it. The Seven of Spades means heartbreak
A Diamond in Position 35 (Ambition) will not fully realize your aims for riches because of the malice and envy of friends. The King of Diamonds means a business rival
A Diamond in Position 36 (Sickness) will suffer a critical illness but you will recover. The Seven of Diamonds is considered to be the harbinger of harsh criticism. It is also the signature of a young foreign girl.

Gong Hee Fot Choy – 7/2/16 to 13/2/16

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House of Compass: Nine of Spades
Disappointment: there is the vibration of delay around this. Do not be disappointed as there is something better in store for you

House of Wishes: Ten of Diamonds
Money: your wish pertains to or will be influenced by money. A good chance for your wish to come true

House of Success: Queen of Clubs
Inquirer: your future will be successful or that unlocked for success is coming your way soon. This is in regards to your source of livelihood. A successful career indicated

House of Moon: Ace of Clubs
Gift: you will receive a gift from someone who loves you or you will give someone you love a gift,

House of Surprise: King of Hearts
Enjoyment: a kindly person surprises you. A good surprise, a nice presents for you

House of Popularity: Eight of Hearts

Moon and Love: you have many admirers and people should love and highly esteem you. Fame and love for you

House of Abode: Queen of Spades
Gratitude: an ungrateful person calls at your home or an ungrateful person works for you

House of Journey: Jack of Hearts
Popularity: by being popular and well liked you will be invited on a pleasure trip

House of Papers: Seven of Spades
Health: something in the newspaper will make you heartsick or someone’s illness makes you blue or you may sign a will as witness or you will visit a dentist or doctor.

House of Vocation: Ten of Spades
Sun: you should be sure your vocation is an honourable one or that you do not work for a schemer or crook, you might be involved. You will uncover something crooked

House of Marriage: Eight of Spades
Trouble: you will have trouble in your marriage over money or relatives or you will be a peacemaker between married persons or you will have a falling out with friends or you wish guests would leave

House of Happiness: Jack of Diamonds
Letters: you will receive hasty news that brings you happiness. Love letters or an invitation

House of Enjoyment: Ten of Hearts
Marriage or Union: you get great enjoyment at a wedding and entertaining friends, you should love company

House of Messages: Eight of Diamonds
Inheritance: you will receive a message about an inheritance or an opportunity to invest money that should bring good returns

House of Relatives: Seven of Clubs
Message: you will receive a message from a relative or friend who invites you to a party or christening or a pleasant phone call

House of Health: Ace of Spades
Death: you should be careful with your health if you are doing dangerous work, be careful, also indicates a short sick spell or ill health to a close relative

House of Money: Eight of Clubs
Achievement: through some achievement you will make a large sum of money. Business and money are indicated and work

House of Seasons: Jack of Spades
Compass and Thoughts: you will be very undecided in something you want to do or make a move in the direction or place you want to live in. lucky day is Wednesday

House of Friends: King of Clubs
Vocation: a friend will either help you get a position or influence you in what you do or the people you work with are good friends

House of Gifts: Nine of Clubs
Luck: you will be lucky in receiving a gift either you win it or you find something and can’t find the owner

House of Letters: Queen of Hearts

Friends: you will receive good news from a friend. A letter telling you nice things

House of Trouble: Ace of Diamonds
New Undertakings: worry and trouble will come if you start a new undertaking at present or you will worry with fear, do not be fearful of tomorrow

House of Disappointment: Nine of Diamonds
Surprises: you will be surprised and disappointed by the actions of someone you trust but this is for your own good, sever relations here

House of Death: Ten of Clubs
Journey: you will take a trip because of a death or go to a funeral or you move to another state

House of Undertaking: Ace of Hearts
The Abode: that you will be offered a new undertaking that can be started in your home or you will build or remodel a home

House of Achievement: Queen of Diamonds
Seasons: whatever you want to do or are going will require time to achieve, also indicates some help from people older than yourself

House of Inheritance: Nine of Hearts
Your Wish: your wish picks up with an inheritance or by help from someone

House of Callers: King of Spades
Callers: many people will visit you soon, indications are that you will be very busy receiving and entertaining your friends or you will see people you are very anxious to see

House of Gratitude: Seven of Hearts
Happiness: you will bring happiness into someone’s life and that person will be very grateful or by your being grateful for small things, you will obtain much happiness.

House of Inquirer: Seven of Diamonds
Success: your future holds success in a financial way. Remember no success in all things but success in money matters

House of Luck: Jack of Clubs
Relatives: you and a relative or close friend will make a lucky investment through a ticket of chance, financial gains

House of Sun: King of Diamonds

Legal Papers: this house belongs to those in the professional world ie doctors, lawyers, if a judge you will be called upon to render a hard decision or sunshine in your life by a just decision if in court

Gong Hee Fot Choy – 31/01/16 to 06/02/16

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House of Compass: Ten of Diamonds
Money: indicates you are vibrating to money this week. Plan to increase your income. A prosperous vibration around you

House of Wishes: Jack of Spades
Compass/Thoughts: indicates your wish will be governed by your thoughts or thoughts toward you. There is a good chance for your wish to be granted. This card also means a thief. A young person with bad intentions so beware of a new acquaintance

House of Success: King of Diamonds
Legal papers: your success is connected with legal matters or a court action of some kind. If you attend school or study for a profession, this is where your success lies. Successful in signing papers soon

House of Moon: Nine of Diamonds
Surprises: a certain person you least expect will declare his love for you or someone, a source you little expect will defend your character when you do not know it. A happy surprise for you

House of Surprise: Queen of Clubs
Inquirer: you are due for a great surprise; get ready for it a good surprise

House of Popularity: Nine of Spades
Disappointment: you will lose your popularity by your actions, retirement, drink or a shady deal, or you are retarded in getting something you want. A short delay

House of Abode: Jack of Hearts
Popularity: your home will become popular through kindness that is shown to callers or you will purchase a fine piece of property that will be of great value later

House of Journey: Seven of Spades
Health: you will take a trip to visit a sick friend or you will take a trip for your health or a new baby in the family or worry over a change.

House of Papers: Jack of Clubs
Relatives: you will be involved with relatives, very close business associates, or friends in court, or you will go or be called to court as a witness

House of Vocation: Ten of Clubs
Journey: your vocation will have something to do with travel or you will change it many times during your life or you will work at the same thing in many places or jobs or you will travel a distance to your work. Your future work will involve space and distance

House of Marriage: Nine of Clubs
Luck: your marriage will prove lucky and your mate will supply you with many worldly goods or if you are single, you will be married soon

House of Happiness: King of Clubs:
Vocation: by being employed you will be very happy or your happiness comes through your work. Happiness comes with a vocation

House of Enjoyment: King of Spades
Callers: callers will annoy you such as an intoxicated person coming to your house or you will attend a party where someone is so intoxicated that the police are called or you will enjoy a call from an old friend

House of Messages: Nine of Hearts
Your wish: you will receive a message concerning your wish

House of Relatives: Ten of Spades
Sun: a relative informs you about an estate other relatives were trying to keep from you or the uncovering of something you should know comes late in the evening or at night

House of Health: Ten of Hearts
Marriage or union: you will hear of a wedding that makes you sick at heart or there will be a uniting of something in your community that will be for the betterment of the public’s health

House of Money: Eight of Clubs
Achievement: through some achievement you will make a large sum of money. Business and money are indicated and work

House of Seasons: Jack of Diamonds
Letters: if you are expecting hasty news, it will be delayed or you should answer your mail promptly

House of Friends: Seven of Clubs
Messages: a message from a friend will bring good financial news or a friend buys your business if you have one for sale or helps you with it. A talk of business by phone

House of Gifts: Queen of Spades
Gratitude: someone will give you a gift because he is grateful or an ungrateful person will try to keep someone from giving you something promised you. A grateful person will be glad to receive some of your unwanted clothes

House of Letters: Ace of Hearts
The abode: indicates you will receive a letter, if away from your loved ones that tells the news of home or a letter telling you about a friend or relative building or moving into a new home. This letter will contain news of some kind about a home or a home for you

House of Trouble: Seven of Hearts
Happiness: jealousy may cause you some trouble also indicates worry or trouble can come from this. Catty remarks indicated

House of Disappointment: Ace of Clubs
Gift: you will be disappointed in not receiving a promised gift or it is damaged in delivery or the theft of something valuable. Take care of your clothes

House of Death: King of Hearts
Enjoyment: you will hear of the death of someone you cared for, the party may be a relative

House of Undertaking: Ace of Spades
Death: a death will have something to do with a new undertaking or if you start one it will not prosper. Be sure to investigate a new job

House of Achievement: Queen of Diamonds
Seasons: whatever you want to do or are going will require time to achieve also indicates some help from people older than yourself

House of Inheritance: Eight of Spades
Trouble: trouble comes over an inheritance, also bad feelings, worry and tears indicated- perhaps you know what this is now

House of Callers: Eight of Diamonds
Inheritance: someone will call on you soon regarding his inheritance or one for yourself. Also look for callers at mealtimes, spongers or borrowers

House of Gratitude: Eight of Hearts
Moon/love: someone will be very grateful for something you have done and will remark they love you for your kindness

House of Inquirer: Seven of Diamonds
Success: your future holds success in a financial way. Remember not success in all things but success in money matters

House of Luck: Ace of Diamonds
New Undertaking: if you are contemplating a new venture you should be very lucky with it, luck here plays a good part in what your future venture holds

House of Sun: Queen of Hearts
Friends: the sun should shine in your life. You will find the bluebird in your backyard. Smile. Be happy, it pays

Gong Hee Fot Choy

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In a normal Grand Tableau spread the first thing is to look where the significator cards has fallen in the layout. In the Gong Hee Fot Choy system both male and female are represented by the Queen of Clubs.

In my reading today, I am sitting in the House of Journey. There is an indication that within the month I am going to be experiencing a change of some kind that will involve moving or travelling. The card to left is the King of Hearts. This card is sitting in the House of Paper. The indication here is that I will be asked to store important documents. Above me lies the Jack of Clubs. This card sits in the House of Compass. This card has a number of meanings. It could indicate that within the month one of my relatives or friends will talk to me about radio work. It could also indicate a special message will come to me. Something that I hear involving my job or a job needs prompt action on my part. Below me sits the Eight of Hearts in the House of Relatives. The message is not a prediction but more a statement that some or one of my relatives loves me very much and that I am their favourite. This also applies to friends as well. Diagonally top left sits the King of Clubs in the House of Wishes. Its meaning is that my wish that I made while shuffling the cards will be influenced in a positive way by my vocation or job that I am currently doing or will in the future be doing. Diagonally bottom left sits the Ten of Hearts. This is in the House of Health. The prediction here means that I will hear of a wedding that makes me sick at heart or there will be a uniting of something in my community that will be for the betterment of the public’s health.

It will be interesting to review this reading at the end of the 23 February 2016 to see what transpired.

Here is the complete reading:
1: House of Compass: Jack of Clubs
Relatives: one of your relatives or dear friends will talk to you about radio work. A special message will come to you. News of the Air indicates word of some kind through the air or some kind of work that moves fast. Dispatching news
2: House of Wishes: King of Clubs
Vocation/Working Person: your wish pertains to or will be influenced by a vocation or job. Check the House of Vocation. Here a Club sits in this spot. This means that there is a good change of my wish coming true.
3: House of Success: Ace of Diamonds
New Undertaking: your success will come through a new undertaking or bettering your opportunities through study. Something new and better for you soon
4: House of Moon: Ace of Hearts
The Abode: that you love a good home or there is much love in your home or in the future you will have a home with love. A new home is indicated
5: House of Surprise: Seven of Hearts
Happiness: happiness is in store for you like a surprise party. Beware of jealousy among your friends. Good news soon
6: House of Popularity: Ten of Spades
Sun: the sun uncovers deceit and lies and if someone tries to get credit for something, your rightful place will be established or you will have many real admirers. If in the professional world the sun will shine bright for you
7: House of the Abode: Seven of Clubs
Messages: a message of some kind comes to you about someone who is going to call. You like apartment or hotel life
8: House of Journey: Queen of Clubs
Inquirer: you are facing a journey, a move or a change of some kind
9: House of Paper: King of Hearts
Enjoyment: some stocks or bonds or insurance papers will be given to you or placed so you may finance them easily through a dear friend or relative
10: House of Vocation: Eight of Diamonds
Inheritance: sometime in your life you will take another person’s job due to death or you will inherit some business or business shares or constant income
11: House of Marriage: Nine of Spades
Disappointment: you will be disappointed in a marriage or you have lost someone in your home through marriage or you will be divorced or a mate is taken by death. A disappointment connected with marriage or a delay in wedding plans
12: House of Happiness: Queen of Diamonds
Seasons: you are very unhappy when you have to wait for an appointment. Time affects your future happiness
13: House of Enjoyment: Eight of Spades
Trouble: if you go out to have a good time you will have car trouble or your escort insults you, have trouble with someone for going
14: House of Messages: Queen of Hearts
Friends: a message from friends telling you about some good time they are going to have and they will ask you to join them. a pleasant message, a shopping trip
15: House of Relatives: Eight of Hearts
Moon/Love: some or one of your relatives loves you very much and you are the favourite, friends are relatives love you
16: House of Health: Ten of Hearts
Marriage/Union: you will hear of a wedding that makes you sick at heart or there will be a uniting of something in your community that will be for the betterment of the public’s health.
17: House of Money: Ace of Clubs
Gift: you will receive a large sum of money or the equivalent or the purchase of jewellery- something valuable
18: House of Seasons: Jack of Hearts
Popularity: if merchandising your product will be in demand before long or your services will be sought
19: House of Friends: Ten of Diamonds
Money: through a friend you will be put in a position whereby you will make some money or gain in some way. You will have prosperous friends
20: House of Gifts: King of Diamonds
Legal Papers: you will receive a gift of a deed, bonds or stock or something that comes on paper or you will have to employ an attorney to keep a gift that has been given to you or a doctor will give you good advice
21: House of Letters: Eight of Clubs
Achievement: through an achievement you are lucky or a letter asks you to go to work
22: House of Trouble: Jack of Spades
Compass/Thoughts: troublemaker tries to be nice to your face and carries news, a busybody or you will hear of a bad disaster over the air
23: House of Disappointment: Queen of Spades
Gratitude: a disappointing loss is indicated from an ungrateful person, perhaps someone will do his best to break up your home or make you lose your job. You will meet a spiteful person
24: House of Death: Ace of Spades
Death: you will witness an accident where someone is killed or you may be involved in an accident. Drive carefully and avoid this
25: House of Undertaking: Ten of Clubs
Journey: you will enter into a business where machinery moves or something is in motion or you travel in connection with your business. Change and movement connected with a new venture
26: House of Achievement: Seven of Diamonds
Success: some achievement brings big success in the future. Fame and fortune-try
27: House of Inheritance: King of Spades
Callers: someone calls to tell you of an inheritance or you may be an administrator of an estate. Or some court action comes with this estate or inheritance or a loan repaid
28: House of Callers: Nine of Diamonds
Surprises: you will be paid a call that surprises you, a good surprise be prepared
29: House of Gratitude: Nine of Clubs
Achievement: friends in the business world will be grateful and repay you at a later date or you will receive a favour because you are grateful
30: House of Inquirer: Nine of Hearts
Your wish: your wish is very personal and you should get it very soon. You may have to overcome some obstacles first
31: House of Luck: Jack of Diamonds
Letters: you will be lucky in keeping a certain letter that you intend to throw away or you will be informed of some good luck through the mail. Something like earning money or merchandise
32: House of Sun: Seven of Spades
Health: sunshine and health indicated. Get outdoor bath in the sunshine, get in tune with nature

Old Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards

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This adaption of the  Gypsy Cards has started to call out to me to learn.  Here is a practice reading following the booklet that came with the original Whitman Gypsy Cards.

Key + Kids + Ring + Hands + Sick
My wish won’t get answered but I will be supported by loving friendships. There is no up/down meaning for ring as there is for whether the ring is right/left. I assume that instead of marriage, I will meet someone new and together our friendship base will grow even though some may not be troublesome.

Snake + Fox + Me + Star + Moon
Actions taken by a close friend are likely to stir up further ongoing issues with a troublesome person. It will get resolved successfully although minor worries will linger.

Letter + Mirror + Woman + Sun + Whip
Good luck will come to me slowly although I will go through serious problems. It could be caused by a woman coming into my life. Happiness and good luck will return although it may cause a few minor family problems in the process.

Key + Snake + Letters + Lily
I won’t get my wish because of the actions of someone that I believe to be a friend. Change will come slowly which in some way is good as I am warned not to get ahead of myself to quickly.
Kids + Fox + Mirror + Safe
I will start to develop lasting and good friends although there will be one person in the group that is likely to cause problems. These problems may linger for quite some time but will eventually go away and bring me financial riches from what I have learnt along the way.

Ring + Me + Woman + Fire
Someone new will come into my life. This person is female and with her will come lasting good luck.

Stork + Hand + Stars + Sun + Cats + Dog
The idea of moving house or career advancement is far from my mind. My interest is in growing and developing friendships. This brings me great happiness although some of these new friends will disappoint me along the track. The weeding out of these people will show me the ones that are true and sincere.